What Is CBD Shatter? Everything You Should Know

What Is CBD Shatter? Everything You Should Know

Ever heard of CBD shatter?

While you might think it’s something that happens when you use CBD, if you assume shatter is a verb, it’s actually a type of CBD product.

Why is it called shatter?

CBD shatter gets its name because it’s a substance that’s hard and can shatter when handled. It’s basically a type of CBD isolate that only contains CBD and no other plant compounds.

There are some good reasons to use CBD shatter instead of other products.

Let’s take a look at them and also provide information on how to use CBD shatter.

What, Exactly, Is CBD Shatter?

what is shatter

Shatter looks like small rocks and during its production it undergoes a filtering process so that only the CBD isolate is left behind.

CBD shatter is completely free of THC, so it won’t get you high.

CBD isolate basically means that the CBD is pure.  All the plant matter has been removed, even when it comes to oils and waxes, so that you get a much cleaner CBD product.

This is one of the reasons why people love to use CBD shatter.

Sometimes, though, CBD shatter will contain terpenes.

These are found in fruits, herbs, or other plant oils, and they help to provide flavor to the CBD shatter that wouldn’t have much of a taste otherwise.

Terpenes can also be used to create an entourage effect.

What’s the “entourage effect?”

This phrase comes up quite a lot when CBD products are being discussed. It basically refers to how you can use different compounds together to create a more favorable experience.

So, you could use a CBD shatter that contains a terpene known as humulene, which suppresses your appetite, if you’re keen on losing a few pounds, therefore giving you more benefits than you’d have if you were just using one compound.

How To Use CBD Shatter

how to dab shatter

Now that we’ve looked at what CBD shatter is, you might be interested to know how it’s used. Here’s what you need to know.

You can use CBD shatter in various ways, such as dabbing it.

What Does “Dabbing” Mean?

Dabbing is when you apply CBD concentrates to a hot surface and then inhale them.

This method makes shatter more potent than CBD that you’d find in other types of products, such as edibles. Again, don’t worry – this won’t get you high because CBD doesn’t contain THC.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to break your CBD shatter into small dosages, such as ones of 10mg each, before you dab them. This enables you to experiment with how much works for you and then increase your dosage if you want.

But remember, CBD shatter is pure and so will give you a powerful effect!

How To Dab Your CBD Shatter

dab and small jar of cbd shatter with torch

To dab your shatter, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Nail (or chamber) – you’ll need a quartz or ceramic nail, which will ensure a better flavor than titanium, although the latter is of a more durable material.
  • Dabbing rig – this is basically a water pipe that has been modified to contain a glass joint that can hold a nail in it. Basically, it will work by allowing you to heat up the nail and then putting the CBD shatter on it so that it creates vaporization.
  • Dabber – this is how you will put the concentrate on the hot nail without burning yourself. It’s usually a metal wand, but it can be made out of other materials, and it just enables you to place your concentrate on the nail.
  • Blow torch – this is used to heat up your nail, as a normal lighter won’t work.

While the above might sound overwhelming, it’s good to know that you can find dab rigs on Amazon.

You can expect to pay around $20 or $30 for them, but if you want a rig that’s of high quality you should shell out at least $100 for it, whether on the internet or in real life.


While the above sounds confusing, reading this next bit about how to dab with all the equipment you’ve secured will clear things up.

  • Turn on your torch and ensure that its flame is striking the nail.
  • Keep it there for about 20 seconds (avoid heating it too much as that can make the CBD concentrate combust), then wait about a minute before you use the dabber to pick up the amount of CBD concentrate you want.
  • Add it to the nail and inhale the vapour slowly. You might also want to cover it with a dome to trap the vapors. 

Can You Vape Shatter?

cbd shatter for vaping

Maybe you’re just trying CBD shatter for the first time and aren’t sure if you’ll like it.

You don’t want to purchase a dab rig because it’s quite expensive and could end up being a waste of money. Don’t worry – you can use CBD shatter in a vape pen.

If this is more convenient for you, then you should bear in mind that you should only load the vape chamber up to about 75 percent capacity.

This ensures that there’s enough product in it and the pen will be able to produce vapor.

Another good tip when vaping shatter is to close the chamber and hold the button for a few seconds.

This will melt the shatter at the bottom so that the CBD shatter will surround the vape pen’s heating element properly.

Benefits Of CBD Shatter

Shatter certainly sounds like an interesting way to take CBD, and it’s also an activity you can do for fun socially without the worry of getting high.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of its benefits.

  • It’s much purer than other forms of CBD, thanks to how the plant’s essential oils that contain cannabinoids and terpenes have been extracted fully.
  • It works fast. Although using a dab rig for the first time can seem overwhelming, once you get the hang of it, you can inhale CBD shatter quickly and easily, while feeling the CBD effects immediately. Or, you can use a vape pen to make the process even more convenient.
  • You can use less of the product. Because CBD shatter is pure and powerful, you can use less when you dab or vape it. This can make the product last for a longer time, although bear in mind that CBD products tend to have an average shelf life of about 12 to 24 months. You can learn more about that by reading “Does CBD Oil Really Expire? (With Storage Tips)?

Disadvantages Of CBD Shatter

method of dabbing

One of the things to bear in mind about CBD shatter is that its effects don’t last as long as the effects you get from CBD edibles, such as capsules.

When you consume a CBD product, its effects can last up to seven hours, whereas inhaling CBD shatter will only last about two hours.

That said, it really depends on what you’re hoping to gain from the CBD shatter.

If you want a CBD product that works quickly and instantly, then CBD shatter will be more effective than an edible product.

Is CBD Shatter Like CBD Wax?

cbd shatter

CBD shatter and CBD wax sometimes tend to get lumped together in the same category because they’re both hard and light orange in color.

However, CBD shatter is a bit shinier and clearer, as opposed to CBD wax that is a bit opaque. How they’re processed is a little different, too.

When the cannabis concentrate is left untouched, it will become a shatter instead of a wax, as Premium Jane reports.

Related Questions

Can you cook with CBD shatter?

If you melt the shatter in butter or other fats, which is something you should do with CBD when cooking to increase its absorption, this can actually cause the cannabinoids to be less effective.

So, cooking with CBD shatter should be avoided. Use a CBD powder instead!

Can you dab with other CBD oils?

This should be avoided because CBD oils often contain other ingredients that should not be heated. Rather stick to CBD shatter.


If you’re interested in trying CBD shatter, in this article we’ve outlined everything you need to know about it before you begin.

We’ve started by defining CBD shatter, and then we’ve provided you with information on how to use a rig to dab it so that you can inhale this powerful substance.

We’ve also looked at other important things, such as if shatter and wax are the same thing.

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