Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

CBD is everywhere these days, in a variety of products that promise to make you calmer and healthier. But if you want to purchase CBD oil, you have to be prepared to spend money on it.

How much does CBD oil cost?

Although CBD oil costs will vary from one manufacturer to another, you can easily spend around $100 for one bottle of it. Some bottles will go up to to $200.

Yes, for just one bottle! Although you get many benefits from using CBD oil or using products that contain it, it’s frustrating to have to spend so much money on them – especially if you use CBD oil daily.

But, with that in mind, let’s look at why it’s so expensive.

The Cost Of Making CBD

price of cbd oil

When you first meet CBD oil, it’s in a pretty bottle in a shop or estore and you might not think about what it took – or how much it cost – for it to get there.

First things first, let’s consider that there are different types of CBD oil.

  • One is known as full-spectrum CBD oil, and it’s basically when the whole plant extract is used so that the CBD is pure. It might have other cannabinoids in it.
  • Another type of CBD is isolate, which is cheaper to make. To make it, the CBD goes through a process to turn it into a substance known as isolate that doesn’t contain any other plant chemicals in it. That said, it’s not as effective as full-spectrum CBD.

Sadly, it’s easy for some manufacturers of CBD oil to con their customers.

As Business Insider reports, the industry isn’t regulated so CBD oil can contain isolate but be packaged as an expensive product and said to be a premium product when it’s actually not.

Factors That Make CBD Oil Expensive

To understand why CBD oil can be costly, we have to explore how it’s made and processed.

The Cost Of Growing Cannabis

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CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis and hemp plants, and it takes a lot of land, water, and labor to grow these plants.

What makes CBD production even more expensive is that cannabis farmers must be able to produce a decent amount of harvest if they want to meet the high demand for CBD because cannabis plants provide a small amount of CBD.

So, by having more of a harvest, they increase their chances of getting enough CBD extracts.

That said, actually growing the plants is expensive. Sometimes cannabis farmers will use leased land on which to grow their crops, and this can cost them upwards of $1,000 per acre.

In addition to that, since the soil is usually covered by plastic sheeting to encourage these plants to grow, this results in more expenses – a 4000-ft roll of biodegradable plastic sheeting could cost $225, as Cannafyl reports.

To make matters worse, growing plants from which to extract CBD is limited and there are heavy taxes for farmers and manufacturers of CBD.

The CBD Oil Cost Of Extraction

process of cbd oil extraction

It’s not just the growing of the plants that’s expensive. What’s really pushing up the prices of CBD oil is how it’s extracted.

As Real Simple explains, there are only a few processors that can extract hemp biomass.

Now, there are two ways in which CBD oil can be extracted:

The CO2 method and the ethanol method.

The CO2 method is the preferred one because it ensures a purer form of CBD oil. During the CO2 method, pressurized carbon dioxide is used to draw CBD and other compounds from the plant. It requires a lot of skill and equipment.

A machine that extracts CO2 can cost between $135,000 and $150,000, as Cannafyl reports. But that’s not all that’s required.

The use of extra equipment, such as those used to remove acids, can notch up several thousand more dollars but it’s essential in order to ensure that the oil is full-spectrum CBD.

The Cost Of Testing The CBD

In order to ensure you have produced a high-quality CBD oil, you need to ensure it’s undergone testing, such as third-party testing.

But this also costs money. CBD products need to be tested throughout the process when they’re being manufactured, which is why CBD testing is a big reason for high CBD oil prices.

Although the cost of testing CBD oil will vary from state to state, let’s take California as an example of how much it costs. Here, it can cost a company between $100 and $400 to test just one sample of CBD, and sometimes more than one test is required, as WeedMaps reports.

It’s quite overwhelming to consider all the costs that go into making CBD oil. But, as Joy Organics reports, until we reach a point where CBD is regulated and it’s clearly stated what’s provided in every product, the cost of third-party tests will fall into the hands of the consumer.

The Variations In CBD Oil Make A Difference

You can find CBD oil with or without plant materials, and some that have THC, which is the compound derived from the cannabis plant that makes you high.

The thing is, sometimes these have to be removed. From a federal perspective, U.S. legal requirements are that THC in CBD products has to remain at 0.3 percent or be lower.

But, to remove these ingredients will accumulate even greater costs for the manufacturer of CBD oil. To remove plant matter, CBD concentrate needs to undergo a process known as winterizing, which is when the CBD is isolated and then distilled.

To remove THC, the distilled liquid has to be put into a chromatography machine.

How much does this cost?

As Ministry of Hemp reports, this equipment can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Should You Pay A Lot For CBD Oil?

what is the right price for cbd oil

Based on the above, it starts to make sense why CBD oil can be quite expensive, for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Although you might choose to refrain from purchasing it because of its hefty price tag, the most important thing to bear in mind is that the costs that go into making CBD oil can benefit you as the consumer.

When CBD oil has undergone CO2 extraction, it’s purer than CBD that’s extracted in other ways. In addition, when CBD has undergone lots of testing, this expensive process ensures that you can purchase a product that’s good for you.

So, with that in mind, the price tag of your favorite CBD oil is actually worth it because you’re paying for quality.

While purchasing low-quality CBD oils can be tempting at times, especially if they have a really affordable price tag, you might be purchasing oils that don’t even contain any CBD in them, so proceed at your own risk.

As Business Insider reports, a study of CBD oils that were tested in the U.K. found that 62 percent of them didn’t contain any CBD even though their labels promised otherwise.

It’s clear that you have to be willing to pay for quality, but always make sure you do your research into the CBD oils that catch your eye so that they don’t drain your wallet and leave you without the CBD benefits you’re seeking.

Related Questions

How can you tell if your CBD oil is legit?

how to tell is cbd oil legit

Ask for a Certificate of Analysis from the CBD manufacturer.

This will show you tests that the CBD has undergone and inform you of CBD concentrations that are in the product so you can be assured of its quality, Real Simple reports.

How to spot fake CBD oil?

You can protect yourself by not believing companies that promise free products (as can be seen in this article, nothing is free in the CBD world!) or promise that their CBD will treat a variety of serious health conditions.

There’s still not enough scientific evidence of that.


You might love using CBD oil but be disheartened that it’s so expensive to purchase a bottle of it.

In this article, we’ve looked at why CBD oil can cost so much to produce and how to ensure that when you shell out money for a premium CBD oil product you always get value for money.

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and this is true when it comes to CBD oil. Yes, it might be expensive to buy, but there are good reasons for the high CBD oil cost.

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